Wattly believes that climate change is best addressed through economics and the deployment of investment into energy efficiency and into renewable generation

The founders of Wattly view climate change as the most significant challenge to humanity and the environment of our time.  All four founders are engineers and having read deeply on the science behind climate change, they know the evidence is irrefutable.  At Wattly we believe in economics and that the deployment of investment and capital in the right places is the best way to drive change, and the greatest opportunity to address climate changes lies in the way the world generates and consumes energy.

Wattly Pty Ltd emerged in 2012 from the intersection of the energy saving sector with mobile technology and cloud computing. Wattly was founded by passionate like-minded professionals from these two industries, looking to make a difference.  Wattly began with accreditation in the NSW and VIC energy savings schemes and has continued to grow from there.

Two of Wattly’s founders have a long history in the energy efficiency industry, with significant experience in working with large commercial and industrial clients towards the achievement of lasting energy savings. The other two Wattly founders bring significant experience in cloud computing and database design, providing invaluable technical expertise to the leadership team.

Wattly strives to provide the fastest and simplest way to accurately capture all the information required for the creation of NSW Energy Savings Certificates (ESCs), Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs) and Renewable Energy Target Small Technology Certificates (STCs)


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