Hamish McGovern Profile

Hamish McGovern

Managing Director

Hamish is driven by innovation and a challenge. With over 5 years in energy efficiency and more than 20 years in IT, he has constantly searched and found new and better ways of doing things. Having worked in software development, systems integration, architecture, sales and product management in cloud, online service and IT infrastructure he is now leveraging these skills to help drive energy efficiency and carbon abatement. Hamish holds a degree in Electrical Engineering as well as a BSc and an MBA.

Craig Morgan Profile

Craig Morgan

Sales and Marketing Director

Craig has built his career on energy efficiency, from energy and greenhouse gas consulting services for large industrial and commercial facilities. To energy audits, engineering studies, compliance management, NGER and EEO reporting and facilitation, Energy Savings Scheme ACP accreditation, VRET accreditation. As well has his role in Wattly he is a director for Northmore Gordon and the driver behind Pacific Heat and Power, a distributor of clean technologies in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. Craig qualified as Mechanical Engineer at Monash University.

Don McIntosh Profile

Don McIntosh

Chief Technical Officer

Don is our lead IT architect. He loves to work with people who are passionate about building great software solutions that can make a big difference to help companies achieve their goals, especially sustainability targets. Don's career spans architecture, solution design, agile software development, statistical production and dissemination, business Intelligence, requirements analysis, and data modelling. He holds a degree in Computer Science from Melbourne University.

Maru Rajan Profile

Maru Rajan

Financial Controller

Maru is a certified accountant with over 23 years of senior managerial experience in a range of industries, conducting complex financial analysis and delivering critical financial statements. Previous track record for leading teams and developing strong senior stakeholder relationships. Expertise in providing comprehensive financial advice, budgeting, forecasting, cash flow monitoring, and tax planning to support major complex projects, management decision making and key improvement initiatives.
Driven, dynamic and analytical with the capacity to understand strategy and corporate needs; supported by practical experience recommending new initiatives to support commercial decisions. Maru holds a degree in Accounting and is a Fellow member of CPA Australia.

Calvin Flores Profile

Calvin Flores

Compliance Manager

Calvin is the Lead for the Audit and Compliance Team. He has worked in the BPO industry for nine years, leading a number of teams to success. Calvin holds a degree in AB Philosophy & Human Resources Development.

Odessa Datu Profile

Odessa Datu

Executive Assistant to the Managing
Director, Finance & Compliance

Odessa is the Executive Assistant to the Managing Director and has been with the company for more than 3 years now. She also handles invoicing and payments as well as Audit and Compliance work for Wattly among many other things. She has previously worked with a couple of US companies like Microsoft and AT&T but decided to join the team because she believes in the importance of energy efficiency. She took up Bachelor of Science in Business and Accountancy in college.

Muhammad Faisal Profile

Muhammad Faisal

Business Development Manager

Muhammad is our Business Development manager who has a passion for sustainability. He has over 8 years of experience within the built environment ranging from design, construction and facilities management. Muhammad has a Masters in Energy , and has certifications of Certified Energy Manager, LEED AP and has helped clients improve their triple bottom line. He has a passion for developing new business ideas and models which can help clients achieve their targets and also maintain long term relationship with them for better customer satisfaction.

Andrew Dawkins Profile

Andrew Dawkins

Energy Efficiency Engineer and
Upgrade Manager

Andrew is passionate about sustainability, climate change, and sees energy efficiency and renewable technologies as key to Australia's transition to a sustainable future. Hailing from Western Australia, Andrew has worked in the past in oil & gas, and mining sectors. Dissatisfaction working for these industries prompted him to relocate to Melbourne in 2014 in order to pursue an Engineering Masters of Sustainable Energy at RMIT University. Andrew holds a bachelors degree with first class honors in Mechatronic Engineering.

Jun Min Cheong Profile

Jun Min Cheong

Senior Developer/Analyst

Jun is one of our Software Developers. He currently is finishing up on his Masters in Software Engineering at the University of Melbourne. He joined Wattly because he gets the freedom to do what he loves most which is writing code and still gets to pursue his studies at the same time.

Robert Magee Profile

Robert Magee

Energy Efficiency Engineer, NSW

Rob has a love of solving the same problems only with more efficient solutions. Starting out in sustainable building services following Mechanical Engineering at USYD to work on some of the early Green Star buildings. Rob has project managed in construction and commissioning for water projects in QLD and NSW.
Rob cycles everywhere and loves long swims at the beach.

Patrick Blain Profile

Patrick Blain

Energy Efficiency Engineer and
Upgrade Manager

Patrick holds a Bachelors of Science and Bachelors of Engineering in Mechanical &  Manufacturing from the University of Melbourne.  His previous roles included quality assurance systems and building management services for the healthcare industry. We are thrilled that Patrick shares our enthusiasm for climate change and energy efficiency. Patrick will be taking on the role of Efficiency Engineer and Upgrade Manager at Wattly. 

Danielle O'Reilly Profile

Danielle O'Reilly

Digital Marketing Manager

Danielle is the Digital Marketing Manager at Wattly. With over a decade of experience in the marketing world, she is responsible for all the dark arts (digital marketing) across the company, including SEO, content, social media and events. A true New Zealander in every way, Danielle is passionate about keeping Australia as beautiful and clean as her home country. She believes everyone has the ability to contribute and make a difference with climate change.

Gazi Oteiwi Profile

Gazi Oteiwi

Energy Efficiency Engineer

Gazi is an Electrical Engineer with a background in Project Engineering. Starting off in the manufacturing industry, Gazi has also gained experience in the rail and electrical wholesale industries and more recently production lighting. He has completed a graduate diploma in Engineering Science, focusing on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency with an overall goal to complete a master’s degree in Renewable Energy Engineering. His main inspiration for the transition in to this industry is his concern for a sustainable future. The combination of energy conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy to reduce our environmental footprint is the key motivator in his career.

Marthon Leonen Profile

Marthon Leonen

Team Lead, VEU

Marthon holds a degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering and has organized/joined Earth-saving activities. He became part of the training team and has team handling experience in the BPO industry for more than 5 years. He worked as a Process and Product Engineer in a Semiconductor Company and has Sales, Technical Support and Customer Service background. Wattly's advocacy best fits his interest in making the world a happy place to live in.

Michael Medina Profile

Michael Medina

Team Lead, ESS

Michael has worked with BPO companies for almost 14 years and has recently decided to join Wattly as part of the Audit and Compliance team. Wattly's advocacy on energy conservation has given him the reason and purpose to continue his great fascination about living in a greener world. He believes that in order for us to live in a better world, we should explore hundreds of ways to achieve an energy-efficient environment. Mike holds a degree in Financial Management Accounting.

Francis Jed Cristobal Profile

Francis Jed Cristobal

Team Lead, LGC

Jed is part of the Audit and Compliance Team for Wattly. He believes in the advocacy towards saving Mother Earth, thus is a perfect fit for what Wattly believes in. He has previously worked for Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, Comcast and Assurant. Jed holds a degree in Aeronautical Engineering.

Rossiel Cayanan Profile

Rossiel Cayanan

Audit and Compliance

Rossiel took up Business Information Management in college. She previously worked for Telecommunication companies like T-Mobile and Sprint. She believes that the smallest step we take today can make a big difference in the future, which is why she decided to join Wattly and make the first step to help conserve energy the simplest way she can.

Mark Lingad Profile

Mark Lingad

Audit and Compliance

Mark Lingad has 9 years of working experience with BPO companies. He has previously worked for Capital One, TMobile, and Comcast as part of the Training and Quality Team. He joined Wattly as part of the Audit and Compliance team and believes energy efficiency is one big step to helping our environment.

Sonny Gutierez Profile

Sonny Gutierez

Audit and Compliance

Sonny took up A.B Mass Communications major in Advertising. He previously worked for real estate companies like McGrath and Raine & Horne as an Advertising Coordinator. In joining Wattly, he aims to contribute to addressing the issues of global warming and climate change.

Alsita Lynne Pineda Profile

Alsita Lynne Pineda

Audit and Compliance

Alsita took up Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering. She previously worked with Logistics and Financial accounts such as PAYPAL and UPS. She decided to join wattly as she aims to learn even more about renewable energy and at the same time be an advocate in promoting energy efficiency. She believes that being part of Wattly is one of the ways in which she can make this happen.

Harvey Sanchez Profile

Harvey Sanchez

Audit and Compliance

Harvey took up BS Electronics and Communications Engineering. He has worked as a Quality Assurance/Quality Control Electrical Engineer for 3 years. He also has BPO experience handling Sales and Marketing accounts. He aims to help in preserving nature through the promotion of renewable energy thus minimizing the effects of Climate Change. He joined Wattly as part of its Audit and Compliance team.

Jonash Gonzalez Profile

Jonash Gonzalez

Audit and Compliance

Nash, as he would like to be called, previously worked in the BPO industry for more than 5 years handling Financial accounts such as Chase, Capital One, Citi Bank and American Express. He joined Wattly because he was amazed with the company's advocacy in fighting Climate Change. He also believes that conserving energy makes a great impact in ensuring that the future generation is able to enjoy the joys of a better and safer world.

Jaymee Azarcon Profile

Jaymee Azarcon

Executive Assistant to the Sales
and Marketing Director

Jaymee is currently taking up Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. She surmises that aiding in the restoration of the environment even in our own simple ways would result in a plethora of change for our furture generation. She worked for AT&T, T-mobile and Dell as a Technical Support Professional for 3 years.

Mary Grace Ambrocio Profile

Mary Grace Ambrocio

Audit and Compliance

Being in love with nature her whole life, Mary decided to join Wattly for an Earth-friendly job. She believes in the advocacy about sustainable energy which is Wattly's main focus. She is the definition of cool and certainly a bundle of energy. These traits help her maintain positive connection with clients. Mary took up Business Administration Major in Economics in College.

Irvin Clyde Fastidio Profile

Irvin Clyde Fastidio

Audit and Compliance

Irvin joined the Audit and Compliance team to combat climate change. He took up B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and practiced HVAC Operations for 3 years. He has also been a part of the BPO industry for 4 years. Irvin offers a unique blend of customer service skills and hard hitting compliance enforcement to help our clients grow their business within a secure and risk controlled framework. Coupled with an intrinsic attention to detail and an aptitude for customer service, Irvin aims to maintain the integrity of energy efficiency schemes while providing the best possible outcomes for our clients.

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