Don’t get beaten by rapid startups simply because they have products approved under the government green incentive schemes.

You need your products to be approved in order to compete. What’s more, you need to know which products to approve first, since product approval is time consuming at expensive.

Wattly has been aiding lighting and electrical suppliers for over five years to get their products approved under various government schemes and to ensure that their installers and end customers can claim the applicable incentives.

Wattly works with many businesses in the lighting and electrical equipment supply chain to ensure they benefit from the different government incentives programs. While our core business is the creation and aggregation of energy saving, carbon, and renewable energy certificates, we’re happy to assist at any stage along the way to make sure the installation meets the compliance requirements of the various schemes.

SchemesWattly Accreditations
Commercial Lighting, Public Lighting*, Commercial Buildings, Industrial Energy Efficiency Upgrades, Residential Upgrades
Federal RETSmall-scale Solar PV and air source water heater, Large-scale Solar PV, Hydro, Wind
Federal ERFAccess to a wide range of methods: Commercial Lighting, Street Lighting, Compressors,
Motors, Pumps, Fans, Conveyors, Refrigeration, Chillers, HVAC, Gas, Boilers, Burners,
Waste, Wastewater, Biomass, Biogas, Methane Destruction, Soil, Livestock emissions
*Accreditation coming soon

Why choose Wattly?

  • Product Approval Expertise

    • Wattly has five year’s experience in commercial lighting product approvals under VEU and the ESS.
    • Through Wattly’s aggregation business, we maintain strong visibility of what types of products are being installed
    for what applications under each scheme.

  • Industry Leading Expertise

    • Our engineers have been involved in the government schemes for many years, we work hard to understand all
    the rules & regulations on your behalf.

  • Assistance to Specifiers, Consultants and Installers

    • Our Remote Upgrade Managers use real-time collaboration through the Wattly App to ensure the job is done right the first time.

  • Provide Incentives to Customers on your behalf

    • Wattly upgrade managers can take full responsibility of the evidence collection and certificate creation process
    for yourself and your customers.

Wattly is accredited under many different schemes, giving you a one-stop shop for accessing incentives for commercial LED lighting upgrades, solar PV, and industrial electrical equipment.

Wattly facilitates access to many available schemes

  • Wattly has energy efficiency & renewable energy engineers with a high degree of expertise in each of the schemes. We know the rules and regulations inside out to ensure you minimize processing time, maximize your claim and avoid any pitfalls.

  • Streamlining the process of creating certificates. We work closely with all parties involved to collect, validate and quality check all the evidence necessary to ensure all eligible certificates are registered.

  • Making payment quickly after evidence is collected. We understand cash flow is important and so we pay you when your evidence is complete - before we sell the certificates.

  • Locking in the certificate price for you. We aggregate and trade certificates every day. This way we can lock in the best pricing and remove the risk of price fluctuations for you. Wattly can also negotiate custom payment models for larger creators.

  • Highly experienced industrial and commercial consulting engineers who can identify energy efficiency opportunities throughout your client’s businesses.

Partnership Tools

Wattly partners with businesses involved in lighting upgrades who wish to access the energy efficiency and renewable energy incentives available under the state based schemes.

Wattly partners with energy efficiency installation companies, electricians, equipment suppliers and end businesses performing upgrades.

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