Don’t let others take your customers through government incentives.

The government green schemes are complex and involve a great deal of paperwork and bureaucracy, but they do represent significant savings to your customers, and hey, who wouldn’t want extra funding for their project

You are trusted by your clients to do the right thing – to find the right products, to install a good quality solution, and to access the government incentives that will save them money. You don’t want to miss out on incentives, nor do you want to be overwhelmed with paperwork or returning to a job site just to take a few photos. We can help.

Wattly is highly experienced in a wide range of lighting, solar, and electrical equipment incentive programs. Don’t get caught out by not understanding the rules. We know what is required and we know how to make it simple. We’ll stand alongside you to get the best outcome for your clients.

Simplest Evidence Collection, Lock-in Prices and Fast Payment, Industry Leading Expertise. Wattly has your back.

* Note: Funding comes from the sale of energy certificates to Energy Retailers – the government simply manages the scheme – they don’t fund it.

SchemesWattly Accreditations

Commercial Lighting, Public Lighting*, Commercial Buildings, Industrial Energy Efficiency Upgrades, Residential Upgrades

Federal RETSmall-scale Solar PV and air source water heater, Large-scale Solar PV, Hydro, Wind
Federal ERFAccess to a wide range of methods: Commercial Lighting, Street Lighting, Compressors,
Motors, Pumps, Fans, Conveyors, Refrigeration, Chillers, HVAC, Gas, Boilers, Burners,
Waste, Wastewater, Biomass, Biogas, Methane Destruction, Soil, Livestock emissions
* Accreditation coming soon.

Why choose Wattly?

  • Right the First Time

    • Our Remote Upgrade Managers use real-time collaboration through the Wattly App to ensure that the job is
    done right the first time.
    • Wattly staff, or your office-based staff, can use real-time collaboration to help the field team collect the required evidence.

  • Fast Payment Options

    • Payment in 3 - 10 business days - maintaining cash flow is critical to your financial success.
    • Lock-in certificate prices, have certainty on the ROI and payback period - avoid surprises.

  • Offload Paperwork

    • Don’t have time to create computerised reflected ceiling plans, or fill in maintained illuminance tables? Wattly
    can create these for you.
    • Schedule a Wattly upgrade manager to completely handle the evidence collection and job submission.

  • App for Field Data Collection

    • Wattly’s best in class 4th generation App for data collection on lighting and solar jobs ensures all the necessary evidence is collected on-site, during installation.

  • Dedicated Compliance Officers

    • A single compliance officer will work closely with you and be responsible for managing all your jobs.

  • Job Management and Reporting

    • End-to- end visibility of the status of jobs in the process train. See clearly how many jobs are active, certificates
    per job, and the status of each job.
    • Our platform keeps track of all your electricians, their licenses, ID, and training, as well reporting on all their jobs.

Wattly is accredited under many different schemes, giving you a one-stop shop for accessing incentives for commercial LED lighting upgrades, solar PV, and industrial electrical equipment.

Wattly facilitates access to many available schemes

  • Wattly has energy efficiency & renewable energy engineers with a high degree of expertise in each of the schemes. We know the rules and regulations inside out to ensure you minimise processing time, maximise your claim and avoid any pitfalls.

  • Streamlining the process of creating certificates. We work closely with all parties involved to collect, validate and quality check all the evidence necessary to ensure all eligible certificates are registered.

  • Making payment quickly after evidence is collected. We understand cash flow is important and so we pay you when your evidence is complete - before we sell the certificates.

  • Locking in the certificate price for you. We aggregate and trade certificates every day. This way we can lock in the best pricing and remove the risk of price fluctuations for you. Wattly can also negotiate custom payment models for larger creators.

  • Highly experienced industrial and commercial consulting engineers who can identify energy efficiency opportunities throughout your client’s businesses.

Partnership Tools

Wattly partners with businesses involved in lighting upgrades who wish to access the energy efficiency and renewable energy incentives available under the state-based schemes.

Wattly partners with energy efficiency installation companies, electricians, equipment suppliers and end businesses performing upgrades.

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