31st May 2021, Melbourne Australia.

Wattly Pty Ltd, one of the largest Environmental Certificate aggregators, and Northmore Gordon Pty Ltd (NG), a leading energy and carbon consultancy, have combined forces under the Northmore Gordon name. The consolidated business is focussed on providing B2B Advisory Services and Environmental Certificates to help large business decarbonise and improve energy performance. 

NG was formed in 2009 to join the global effort to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. In 2012 the directors of NG with two others founded Wattly Pty Ltd to use Cloud and Mobile solutions to help drive energy efficiency, renewable energy adoption, and carbon abatement and support the transition to a low carbon economy.  

Wattly focussed its efforts on the energy savings certificate industry and grew to be the largest certificate creator under the VEU for a number of years. In 2017 Wattly acquired NG to help further grow both businesses. For the past four years the businesses have been co-located and worked together whilst retaining separate customer segments and brands.

Wattly’s Managing Director (now Group Commercial Director), Hamish McGovern, said

“this is a natural evolution for us.  By combining forces, we can offer customers from both businesses much more, and it really cements our position as the leading business for measurement & verification, as an innovative certificate aggregator, and as leading decarbonisation experts.  It enables us to assist our customers to reduce carbon emissions even faster than before”.

Craig Morgan (Group Managing Director),

“I am really excited about our offering for the large energy users.  We provide all the components for an end-to-end pathway to carbon neutrality from strategy to implementation.  Advisory identifies the existing carbon footprint and energy use, helps to identify ways to decarbonise and improve energy performance, and advise on how energy certificate programs and carbon offsets to help fund projects. Coupled with this our understanding of the energy supply landscape, we give the customer a seamless offering to navigate this complex journey”.

Together the new Northmore Gordon offers the following across Australia and South East Asia:

Advisory services

  • Carbon and energy strategy, and energy management systems
  • Strategic Energy Sourcing
  • Government grants
  • Energy efficiency opportunity assessments
  • Qualified energy professionals (Professional Engineers, CEM, CMVP, EnMS)

Environmental Certificates

  • Experience in registering over 5,000,000 certificates (~tonnes of CO2-e) from over 40,000 energy efficiency, carbon emissions reductions, and renewable energy projects
  • Specialists in method selection for certificates from industrial and commercial sectors 
  • Certificate ‘bundling’ for retailer obligations or offset packages
  • Forward-selling certificates to help either lock in prices, or fund projects

At the same time, Northmore Gordon will continue to provide ESCOs, Contractors and equipment providers with a one-stop shop for all types of environmental certificate opportunities for specific equipment or project upgrades.

Learn more – https://northmoregordon.com/
For any finance related questions please contact – certificates@northmoregordon.com