Melbourne— Tuesday 23 July — Northmore Gordon finalised the purchase of the services delivered by the Energy Services Division of National Carbon Bank of Australia. Northmore Gordon will immediately acquire the client base and operational team of the Energy Services division and will be responsible for helping clients realise the value of their energy efficiency certificates.

Northmore Gordon is a part of the Wattly Group of companies and has offices in Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle) and Singapore.

  • Northmore Gordon is a specialist consultancy helping large business reduce energy costs. It offers a range of energy efficiency services, measurement and verification, certificate creation, and a Partnership Program. Northmore Gordon is on several government-appointed panels and has written seven guides on energy efficiency for government.
  • Wattly is one of Australia’s largest Aggregators of environmental certificates and creates LGCs, STCs, ESCs, VEECs, and ACCUs. It has created over 4 million certificates since its creation and delivered millions of dollars in value for customers.

Positive Customer Impact

This latest move is part of Northmore Gordon’s ongoing commitment to help Australia’s largest industrial and commercial energy users reduce energy cost. In acquiring the NCBA team, Northmore Gordon secures key resources in NSW to become one of the largest dedicated energy efficiency service providers in Australia with expertise in measurement and verification of energy savings.

“This acquisition will increase our number of Certified M&V Professionals to eight, add a Certified Energy Manager to our team, and will help us better serve our clients in this exciting time for energy efficiency. Unlike other certificate agents in this sector, industrial and commercial energy efficiency is not a part-time job for us. We live and breathe it every day.” said Craig Morgan, Managing Director.

“I am delighted that the complex task of providing quality measurement and verification services to our sophisticated customer base will be well looked after by Craig and his team at Northmore Gordon” said Jo Hoatson, past Managing Director at National Carbon Bank of Australia

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