At Wattly we strive to achieve outcomes that will overall contribute to a more sustainable world.

We assist businesses to unlock funding for energy and carbon projects from government schemes, and help our clients address the global challenge of climate change effectively and profitably. While it’s no small ambition, combating climate change through CO2e abatement is at the core of our Vision and what we stand for.

Our Mission and Values will guide our future strategies and priorities. They provide tools to guide day-to-day processes and behaviours, and are reflected in all our decisions and activities.

Wattly Mission Statement

The Wattly mission is to combat climate change through CO2e abatement.

Wattly Values

  • Fair, Dependable, Transparent, Innovative, Integrity, Respect. Promote Individual Responsibility
  • Giving back: Contribute to protecting the environment through Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS), Environment Victoria (EV).

These organisations are on the front line for the environment and for combating climate change.  We plan to do this on an annual basis and increase the number of organisations we can support. Read more about how Wattly gives back here.