Commercial and residential solar power continues to boom across all Australian States with more and more businesses and homes looking for solar rebates and solar installation to combat high energy prices.

Wattly provides fast STC processing using Wattly’s own IOS & Android App.

It is simple to capture the evidence & complete the job, with barcode scanning and pre-filled data.  Wattly offers fast payment at market rates or lock in future prices for certainty before you do the installation.

Example Installations

  • VIC Metro Residential 6.5 kW installation – 107 STCs – $ 3745 *
  • NSW Central Coast Warehouse 50 kW installation – 967 STCs – $ 33,845*
*  Prices based on $35.00 STC – please check with Wattly latest pricing

Why choose Wattly?

  • Dedicated IOS & Android App

    STC App submission includes barcode scanning & geotagging

  • Maintain your cash flow

    Wattly payment for completed jobs is 3 business days. We know cash flow is critical to our partners' success

  • Dedicated Compliance Officers

    You will have a single compliance officer responsible for managing all your jobs

  • Job Management Platform

    See end to end the status of all jobs you have in progress.

  • Certificate Trading & Aggregation

    Lock-in STC prices to avoid surprises.

Applicable States

  • All Australian States (Federal Scheme)

Applicable Installations

  • Business & Residential
  • Solar PV < 100 kW
  • Wind < 10 kW
  • Hydro < 6.4 kW
  • Solar water heaters
  • Air heat pumps < 425L

Access funding under the Federal Renewable Energy Target for Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) and Solar water heater upgrades.

Once the eligible system is installed, STCs can be forward created based on the nominal annual output through to 2030 (i.e. 14 years remaining) for a solar and wind project.  For Solar water heaters or air sourced heat pumps up to 10 years forward creation can be accessed.

Partners Tools

Wattly partners with installation companies, electricians, and end businesses performing solar installations.

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