Renewable energy can come from a wide range of sources included Solar PV, Wind, Hydro and many different bio and waste energy fuels.

Large Generation Certificates (LGCs) are usually created annually for the amount of MWhs of renewable energy generation that occurred in the previous calendar year.  LGCs differ from Small-scale Certificates in that they are created in arrears for actual energy generation.

Wattly provides a wide range of consulting services around renewable energy and can register the “Power Station” with the Clean Energy Regulator on behalf of the system owner to simplify LCG creation and sale.


Example Upgrades

  • 400 kW VIC Regional Solar Farm – 490 LGCs generated per annum

Why choose Wattly?

  • Project eligibility

    Ensure certainty through Wattly confirming eligibility with the Clean Energy Regulator.

  • Power Station Accreditation

    Managing the accreditation process by gathering power station system information in an easy streamlined process.

  • Industry leading consultants

    Advice and consulting services for compliant LGC metering arrangements, network connections & embedded generation
    Expertise in bio generation sources (wood waste, energy crops, agricultural waste, sugar cane, black liquor) as well as in Solar PV and Wind.

  • Certificate Trading & Aggregation

    Lock-in LGC prices to avoid surprises.

  • Business case support through pricing options

    Multiple options: yearly payment, upfront payment, or per LGC registration fee.

  • Annual LCG metering, compliance, generation and sale

    Avoid the bureaucracy and hassle each year required to create LGCs

  • Energy Offtake Agreements

    Relationships with Energy Retailers for energy offtake and LGC sales.

Applicable States

  • All Australian States (Federal Scheme)

Applicable Installations

  • Business & Residential
  • Solar PV > 100 kW
  • Wind > 10 kW
  • Hydro > 6.4 kW
  • Wood waste, Energy crops
  • Agricultural, food and food processing waste
  • Biogas and biomass from municipal waste or sewage
  • Bagasse (sugar cane waste)
  • Black liquor (from paper mills)
  • Ocean waves and tides
  • Geothermal

Access funding under the Federal Renewable Energy Target Large Generation Certificates. One large-scale generation certificate (LGC) is equal to 1MWh of renewable electricity.  LGCs have a vintage based on the year of generation. For example, CAL17 LGC means the energy was generated in 2017 calendar year.

Partner Tools

The LRET aims to achieve 33,000 GWh of large-scale renewable energy generation by 2020.

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