Wattly has provided incentives for
over 5,000 Commercial Lighting sites

Ranging from small shops, warehouses, factories, train
depots, through to the Melbourne Cricket Ground, and everything in between.

Wattly is the leader in commercial lighting certificate creation services, we have extensive tools, and amassed the most of knowledge and capability in the industry (we’re now using our 4th generation app for commercial lighting). We have five years of experience in the commercial lighting methods under the VIC VEU and NSW ESS schemes.

Why choose Wattly?

  • Cash is King

    Payment in 10 business days. We understand cash flow is critical to your success

  • Lock in certificate prices

    Avoid surprises and let Wattly take care of your certificate trading and aggregation

  • A dedicated Compliance Officer

    Have the ease of dealing with only one person. Wattly provides a single compliance officer responsible for managing all of your jobs

  • Avoid costly revisits

    Check in real-time your contractor's photos before they a leave the site

  • Wattly Job Management Software

    Access end to end visibility of all your jobs you have in train

Applicable States

  • VIC, NSW, SA, ACT (State Scheme)
  • Other States (Federal ERF Scheme)

Applicable Site / Building

  • Retail shops, restaurants, bars
  • Hotels, Motels,
  • Hospitals and Medical
  • Carparks
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Government buildings
  • Factories, Warehouses
  • Most commercial buildings

Access funding through NSW Energy Saving Scheme and
Victorian Energy Efficiency Target for suppliers and
contractors performing LED Lighting upgrades from older
lighting technologies.

Partnership Tools

Wattly partners with businesses involved in lighting upgrades
who wish to access the energy efficiency incentives under the
state based schemes.

Wattly partners with both energy efficiency installation companies, electricians, equipment suppliers and end businesses performing upgrades.

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