NSW Energy Savings Scheme Update

ESS Commercial Lighting Requirement Changes – Effective November 1, 2018

A summary for the ESS Rule change effective from November 1, 2018.  Any existing activities must be registered with IPART prior to the 1st of November in order to claim the existing ESC quantities.

  • There is now a cap on the Nominal Lamp Power (NLP) for High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Lamp i.e. Mercury Vapor Lamp, Metal Halide Lamp for use in indoor spaces at 400W. Lamps with a higher NLP can only be claimed at 400W.  Outdoor fittings on the external faces of buildings can be claimed at the full wattage.
  • The table below shows how the asset lifetime values have been manipulated to stimulate growth in underserved areas. A discount rate has been applied to most metro installs to promote more regional installs. While car parks and certain types of factories have been bumped up to stimulate more installs in metro and regional areas.

Wattly has provided a quick list one-page summary BCA Quick List Summary and table below.