Wattly Committed to the Integrity of the Victorian Energy Upgrades Program [Media Release]

Wattly is one of the largest Energy Efficiency and Renewable Certificate Aggregators in Australia, having registered nearly four million certificates across the Victorian VEU, NSW ESS, and the Federal RET. Wattly was founded in 2012 with the goal of combating climate change and we remain committed to this objective as the impacts become more clear over time.

Wattly has been fortunate to have been involved in what is now the Victorian Energy Upgrades program for seven years. In that time we have registered certificates resulting in the abatement of nearly 4 millions of tonnes of CO2. This abatement comes from a wide range of projects, including many thousands of commercial LED lighting upgrades in large supermarkets chains, warehouses and distributions centres, shopping centres and retail chains, hotel chains, airports, carparks and the largest sporting venues in Melbourne. In addition, Wattly has registered the abatement for tens of thousands of homes that switched from halogen downlights to LED downlights.

It is very disappointing that against thousands of successful projects that a single installation business (subcontractor) with a small number of installers has defrauded Wattly by inflating their claims for regional upgrades undertaken. Wattly has co-operated with the regulator of the scheme throughout this investigation in examining all evidence to uncover and cancel invalid claims. Wattly has already undertaken substantial changes to both its processes and staffing and ceased working with a number of installation partners to ensure this cannot happen again.

Wattly has been an active participant in improving the VEU program and has worked hard to ensure all claims are legitimate and are driving carbon abatement. Managing Director, Hamish McGovern says:

“It’s very upsetting that unscrupulous subcontractors have gone to significant lengths to construct evidence undermining a very successful program. We appreciate the efforts the Essential Services Commission has gone to as part of the investigation of non-compliance at 39 sites and we remain committed to delivering carbon abatement under the Victorian Energy Upgrades program”.

The energy saving schemes in Australia have been highly successful in driving down energy consumption, saving the consumers hundreds of dollars per annum and businesses, thousands per annum. Research by the Energy Savings Industry Association shows that the Victorian Energy Upgrades is now responsible for reducing total energy consumption in Victoria by 5%. This is the result of all the activities that have been undertaken over the past 10 years in Victoria under the program.

For further information call: Hamish McGovern, Managing Director, 1300 878 500

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